I recently wrote this article for Full Figured Magazine’s Beauty section and thought I would share it with you, as well!



Summer heat, humidity and prolonged sun exposure can cause frizzy, lifeless hair and can even alter the color of your hair. Too much exposure to the sun can cause hair to become dry and damaged which breaks open the cuticle, causing frizz. Chlorine and Salt Water also dries out your hair. It can alter blondes to an unwanted yellow or even green color. Are you noticing a common theme? Sun, chlorine, salt water, heat and humidity will wreak havoc on your lovely locks.

Here are a list of tips & tricks to help keep your hair healthy and happy in the summer…


  • Avoid using products that contain alcohol.
  • Shampoo and condition your hair less. Try to go every other day or longer to maintain natural moisture in your hair.
  • Deep condition your hair once a week to put moisture back in.
  • Rinse your hair with cool water.
  • After shampooing, squeeze the water from your hair. Avoid drying your hair vigorously with the towel.
  • Use a leave-in conditioner. My Favorite is Marrakesh Dreamsicle Leave-In Conditioner. It works on any hair type to add moisture, shine and prevent frizz.


Retails at $16.00

  • Use a diffuser on curly or wavy hair.
  • Go easy on the heat! Turn the temperature down on irons and the blow dryer. Better yet, avoid using heat if at all possible.

UV Sun & Color Protection

  • Wearing a cute hat or scarf will help protect your hair and scalp from damaging UV Rays and protect the color of your hair.
  • Redken Color Extend Sun products will also protect your hair and scalp from UVA/UVB rays plus, extend the color of your hair.


 Shampoo retails for $14.50

Conditioner retails for $15.50


Chlorine & Salt Water

  • Wet your hair before going into the pool or ocean. This will decrease the absorption of chlorinated and salt water.
  • Use a swim cap!
  • Always use a Clarifying Shampoo and condition after swimming.
  • Malibu Wellness Shampoo & Conditioner has a great line for swimmers.


Retails at $40 for the kit



Style Your Hair in a loose braid or bun to prevent frizz. A loose bun at the top of your head will also protect the color of your hair and your scalp from UV rays. Best of all, these trends are still current for the summer of 2013.



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